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Get Results Fast with EZ Coordinator Training

Whether you're new to EZ Coordinator, or an experienced user, our tutorials will help you learn how to use the system better and more efficiently. EZ Coordinator tutorials are taught by our product managers who know the program inside and out.

Browse our collection of training videos below or visit our YouTube page to access all tutorials.

  1. How to Add a New Transaction
  2. Email and Upload Documents
  3. Merge Documents
  4. Task Function
  5. Split Documents
  6. Setup Custom Task Lists
  7. E-Mail Alerts
  1. How to Use Your Calendar
  2. Using Your Address Book - Part 1
  3. Using Your Address Book - Part 2
  4. How to Create a Green Sheet
  5. How to Share a Transaction
  6. Using the Doc Library
  7. Task List Overview

To view the most commonly used training videos check out our YouTube page for all our training videos.

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