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If you are an agent or broker looking for transaction coordinator services, you've come to the right place. We have a network of transaction coordinators and virtual assistants ready to help you go paperless and get your files and forms in better order. Most coordinators charge between $350-$500 per transaction and many of our transaction coordinators use EZ Coordinator for greater efficiency and can therefore pass the savings along to you. All you need is our basic free agent account and all we need is your transaction management needs such as monthly volume, your location and the price you'd like to pay. We promise we'll help you to get all your files in proper order. Join the paperless revolution. Contact us for more information on our transaction coordinator services or if you're a transaction coordinator, contact us to inquire about joining our transaction coordinator network.

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Keep track of the relevant information in your transaction, important dates, and contact information for all parties. Access your data from any computer, tablet or mobile device, anytime, anywhere. Keep agents accountable and on track. Using EZ Coordinator and a transaction coordinator makes for solid and reliable transaction management allowing agents to focus on being great agents.
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Additional Contacts
Whenever you or your transaction coordinator enter a contact, it's saved in your EZ Coordinator address book so you'll never have to re-enter it again.
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Your transaction coordinator can review your documents for completion and either mark them complete or add a note to the document letting you know what needs to be completed. Split or merge docs online. No need for Adobe Acrobat. The document section is a simple way for the two of you to manage your transactions. One data location for info and documents means you'll always know where to find what you need.
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Task Lists
Review your task list to determine what's been completed, what's past due, and what still needs to be done, by either you or your transaction coordinator. Set up email alerts to remind you to complete your tasks.
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" I coordinate about 40 files at a time. Without EZ Coordinator I could not be nearly this productive. I have tried many other programs and this is by far the easiest and most robust I have seen. "
Jennnifer S., Office Manager, Kansas City

You can use the notes section to communicate directly with your transaction coordinator or enter updates about your transaction. You can send those updates to anyone via email right from EZ Coordinator.
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Your calendar will give you a visual overview of what's due and when.
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Workflow and Collaboration
EZ Coordinator allows you to invite other users into your transaction in order to allow any party you want to participate in the transaction. If you're using our free agent version, you can share a transaction with anyone. If you're using a transaction coordinator or broker account, you can set up sub-users and grant permissions to limit those users access and functionality within the transaction. Brokers love the accountability and risk management. Some insurance companies even offer a break on E&O insurance when using our product.

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