EZ Coordinator Can Reduce Risk and Help You Save on E & O Insurance

imageUsing the EZ Coordinator real estate transaction management system has helped agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators to reduce the number of errors and omissions that can occur when documents are not carefully tracked and stored. E & O insurance underwriters will tell you that that the best way to avoid claims and lawsuits is to maintain well-documented files.

The very nature of the real estate business leaves brokers and agents exposed to risk, and even the smallest claims can drain the bottom line. Sometimes, it can even come down to “He Said/She Said…” but when you have the ability to save and share documents such as inspection reports, title searches, and letters of intent in one cloud-based system, you have the proof you need to prevent potential claims from even getting started.

EZ Coordinator Can Help Brokers and Agents Save Time and up to 25% on Premiums

imageInsurance is one of the basic costs of business, but don’t pay more than you should. EZ Coordinator is simple to use, and each member of your organization can enter their documents in real-time. That way, everyone is on the same page and your company minimizes exposure to risk.

Let’s look at a typical scenario. A buyer calls to ask if he should ignore the drip under the kitchen sink. You open EZ Coordinator, tap on his or her file and open the home inspection report. You tell the buyer, “According to the home inspector’s report, that leaky pipe must be fixed, or you’ll run the risk of developing a mold problem.” Your informed reply has the power to mitigate your risk of a possible lawsuit over mold down the road; because according to the suit that arrives in your mailbox six months later, you told the client, “Don’t worry about it.”

You immediately contact the buyer’s representative and send them the inspection report and your notes on the phone call with the buyer. The information you needed was right there, at your fingertips, securely documented so you’re prepared at the moment you need it most. Imagine what you just saved in worry, time and most importantly legal fees!
“We really wanted to go paperless and reduce errors...
EZCordinator has done all of that for us and it’s proved more than valuable in closing deals.”
—  Mellisa Z
“EZCoordinator is a great tool to have in my daily client care resource. I coordinate on average 35 closing transactions monthly and EZCoordinator makes the process efficient.”
—  Carolyn Nelson-Dobbs
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