Frequently asked questions
— Why do I need EZ Coordinator?
If you're tired of having piles of paper all over your desk or not knowing what folder your documents are stored on your computer.
If you can't keep track of all the emails going back and forth about your transaction.
If you can't access your transaction info when you're away from the office.
If you need all your transaction information, in one location, accessible from anywhere, then you need EZ Coordinator.

We promise that we will make your business easier to run.
— How do I set up a transaction in EZ Coordinator?
Setting up a new transaction is quick and easy. The first thing you'll do is enter your relevant transaction information (address, agents, buyer/seller, etc...).
Next, you can add additional contacts that are related to the transaction such as title, escrow, lenders, etc...
After that you can start uploading your transaction document by emailing them to the system or scanning and uploading them directly from your computer.
Once your documents are in, you can flag them if they are missing information such as signatures, initials, or if you're missing a document.
After that you can set up your task lists, which are completely customizable.
And finally, once your file is complete you can do a broker review. All parties have access to confirm the file is complete.
— Do you have an e-signature option?
Yes we do.

EZ Coordinator premium accounts integrate with DocuSign, the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. It's the global standard for electronic signature.
— Is my data safe and secure with EZ Coordinator?
Your data is always password protected and backed up daily.
And for an extra layer of protection, you can backup your files at any time by saving a copy on your computer. All your data is encrypted and with our permission based roles.

You decide who sees and edits what. Our servers are located in different states for emergency preparedness and back ups. They all mirror data so if one goes down another pops on.
— What is your cancellation policy?
Our software is sold on a month-to-month basis with no long term commitments.
You can cancel at anytime and you can download all your data before cancelling so nothing will be lost.
— Do I need any software to run EZ Coordinator?
No. EZ Coordinator lives in the cloud on our servers. That way you can access EZ Coordinator anywhere you have an internet connection.
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