Essential Real Estate Tools

Save the planet by going paperless and never forget about a prospect or listing again, whether you simply want to remember a prospect's pet name and anniversary or be aware of all the listings you or your team are managing.
CRMStore and organize customer data, helping you quickly identify customer needs and provide better services. It also helps businesses track customer interactions and conversations, making it easy for businesses to follow up with customers and keep them informed.
Transaction InformationCustomize your dashboard so only the relevant information is easily viewable. Info for buyers, sellers, agents, commissions, contracts and contingency dates, and whatever else you need to close the deal.
DocumentsWith unlimited document storage, store and organize your documents and folders in the cloud, giving you access to them anytime, anywhere, from any device. Use our simple drag-and-drop functions to place your documents and files directly into the system. You and the parties of the transaction have 24/7 access.
Email IntegrationSeamlessly integrate your existing email accounts, such as Gmail or Outlook, with our software. This allows you to send and manage all your transaction-related emails directly within the software interface. Save time by using pre-written templates.

Real Time Management of Prospects and Listings

Close your listings faster through improved collaboration, communication, and task management with internal team members and your clients through task lists, alerts, reminders, calendar syncing, etc.
TasksEZ Coordinator’s open platform lets you create unlimited custom task lists to help you manage your to-dos with specific due dates, assign priorities, and schedule automatic email alerts & notes to relay information to all parties about the status of your tasks.
NoteEnter notes about your transaction, and then email them to the various parties to keep everyone informed. The notes section will also keep an up-to-date log of your actions, so you'll always be able to track changes that have been made.
ChangelogsSee all the important audit logs of your transaction at a glance. See who had access to what, when, and why.
Additional ContactsStore additional contact information, such as name, address, phone number, and email address, in one convenient place. You can also add notes to each contact, allowing you to quickly reference important notes before contacting them.

Advanced Features and Functions

Every client should be able to make their process the process, which is why EZ Coordinator allows fully customizable fields, permissions, task lists, etc. because your business is unique.
Customized Fields
Our design provides the opportunity to leverage fully customizable fields so that you can create as many custom fields as you desire. Best of all, there’s no additional cost and our team is available to assist with customization.
DocuSign Integration
EZ Coordinator has partnered with DocuSign to provide the convenience of e-signatures. You can send documents for signatures directly from your document folder.
Advanced User Permissions
EZ Coordinator’s permission settings allow you to control who sees or interacts with each part of a transaction. This ensures both privacy and security of information based on the internal and external stakeholder needs.

A collaboration tool for Real Estate Organizations

EZCoordinator is designed and built to make it easier for teams to work together. It allows members to securely store, share, and collaborate on documents and other important information.
Document ReviewEasily review your documents for compliance, and once they are complete, mark them approved or send a note back to your agents for revisions.
Task Management Track progress, set deadline, and keep everyone on the same page. Stay organized and efficient by providing a central place to store and share information.
Automated Task CreationApply task templates to transactions with a single click. Our software will automatically generate all the necessary tasks and assign them to the appropriate team members.
Get more done with us!Close more transactions in less time.
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